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Abbreviation. Grand Theft Auto 4.

The best free roaming game ever created!!!!! (as of 2008)
GUY: OMG DUDE! GTA 4 comes out in Tuesday!!!!!
by AceDaCase April 28, 2008
the best game ever blows on ps3
yo brian and frank put down the wii you fags and play some gta4
by mmc in the club April 30, 2008
A piece of shit. Anyone who likes this game is either:

A) A new gamer who has no idea how bad this game actually is when compared to the classics before it.

B) A Rockstar Fanboy

C) Someone who likes a game because of it's graphics, even if the gameplay sucks.
Dude: GTA 4 is very unstable and buggy. How did this game sell so many copies?

Fanboy: How dare you question GTA IV's success!
by bluemuffin May 30, 2009
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