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One of the best games of all time.

GTA 4 > all

I love GTA 4

who doesnt?
by three1ohhh March 22, 2009
the worst noob combo ever in gears of war 2. It is when you beatdown and shoot with the shotgun. Hopefully this will be fixed someday becuase it fucked up the game.
omg i got 2 pieced like 20 times in one game.

I know i want to find out where they live and kill them.
by three1ohhh March 22, 2009
The spot located under the green staircases at Inglewood High School. All the cool people use to kick it there under some douche decided to hang around in a circle in the middle of nowhere.
hey remember when we use to kick it at the spot?

- yeah, good times...good times.
by three1ohhh March 21, 2009
Gaming headset used by gaming pros. They're cool but too expensive. The only reason people like them is because they can play in the night with no tv volume.
I just bought a turtle beach x3!

-wow, what a waste of money.
by three1ohhh March 22, 2009
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