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expresion used when you run someone over. Especially used by Mike Epps.
Mike Epps running over a zombie: GTA motherfucker! Ten points!
by coolio5251 September 21, 2006
An exclamation of delight made after performing a flashy road-hog maneuver. It stems from the videogame "Grand Theft Auto" and is based off the fact that the rules of the road are pleasantly disregarded. Used in the movie Resident Evil 2.
Man #1: "Holy shit you almost ran that little old lady off the road!"

Man #2: "GTA motherfucker!!!" *presses Dixie horn button*


Wife: "You asshole! You drive like a total dick! Slow down! You're doing over 70 in a 55! You have no respect for anyone!!!'

Husband: "Shut up bitch!" *backhands wife in the face, cuts off slow driver, accelerates to 150, presses Dixie horn button* "GTA motherfucker!"
by Mr. Jackhammer May 14, 2006
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