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the best TV program ever created. Evily canceled by fox.

Futurama - "comming soon to another channel"

by coolio5251 September 11, 2006
Badass movie with Clint Eastwood. Everything is good about this movie, especially the racism, he uses such terms as gook, zipper head, spooks, and many more.
Gook: Hey man go back inside
Clint Eastwood: I'll shoot a hole in your fucking face then I'll go back inside and sleep like a baby

Gran Torino is bangin
by coolio5251 January 16, 2009
expresion used when you run someone over. Especially used by Mike Epps.
Mike Epps running over a zombie: GTA motherfucker! Ten points!
by coolio5251 September 21, 2006
An extremely dumb person, a step away from being retarded
Why would you eat that dog shit?! You're a freakin dodong.
by coolio5251 September 09, 2006
A small city around Philadelphia, that has a small corner store, a roach infested pizza shop, and a bunch of roudy kids ready to play football.
Joe: I want to live in Elkins Park
Bo: Why would you want to live their?
Joe: They have a single street that separates blacks and whites!
by coolio5251 September 11, 2006
An insult back in old english with the equivalence to what we call a bitch
(in an english accent) You stupid squashed cabbage leaf
by coolio5251 September 14, 2006

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