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Go Screw Yourself, made known by Avery (the singer).
Boy: Hey babe, fancy getting horny?
Girl: gsy.
by GSYnow June 28, 2011
GSYS stands for "Go Screw Youself",

you would say it when you feel angry about someone who is a douchebag, in general, for asses.
Bob: Oh randy, I Love poetry (L)
Randy: wut? GSYS man!
by mad.graffity July 20, 2010
A terrible song by female singer "Avery", and it can mean "Go screw yourself" Probably most appropriate used on someone ignorant or annoying to get them to go away or leave you alone.
Boy: ey gurl you lookd rele gud today

Girl: ugh, gsy and stop texting me.

Boy: fine bye but wy yu gotta b lyk that
by yaaaastfu June 02, 2011
Abbreviation for:
Go Shoot Yourself
Go Screw Yourself
You can't treat me like that. Just GSY.
by miss issippi June 01, 2011
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