Shortened version of G-SuXteR (sucks-ter)
Ahhhh, I see you purchased a new G-Suckster, sorry you couldn't afford an R1 bud. gsxr
by Tamryn July 31, 2007
Top Definition
Fastest 4 letters on the road.

The first GSXR was introduced in 1985 and is considered the first of the modern race-reps with many race derived technology's and the looks of a Suzuki Endurance race at a affordable price.

Even now they are still ahead of the pack.
Home of GSXR nuts:
by McGee_UK January 24, 2007
A Suzuki sport bike (or crotch rocket). Stands for "Grand Sport eXperimental Racer".
Hot damn that GSXR is fast
by Madd_gixxer May 13, 2011
A motorcycle that was once on top for performance, but like everything in history, it now loses due to new designs from the other manufacturers. In 2005 the new "Gixxer" was king, in 2008 it is now dead last. Motorcycles are updated every 2 years with complete redesigns every 4 years. The cycle will continue and with all the manufacturers fighting to be number 1.

The GSX-R is not the be all end all of sport bikes and is usually piloted by someone new to bikes who has no clue how to handle the power, and only bought it cause its a GIXXER! Usually accompanied by someone riding in a wife beater, shorts, flip flops, and optional helmet.
Gixxer Guy: "Dude I floored it in first, pulled the front tire off the ground by some hunnies and the were freakin out. This bike is the best bike ever created."

Ninja Guy: "Dude, wheres your helmet?"

CBR Guy: "Hey let's go hit some twisties."

*** Half hour later

Ninja Guy: "Dude where did Gixxer guy go?"

CBR Guy: "Oh man, we lost him around turn one. The typical GSX-R rider is less of a threat than a Ninja 250 with your grandma riding."

Ninja Guy: "Ha you're right."

CBR Guy: "Haha."
by JasonH88 June 14, 2008
great bike for beginers or small women, if the bike has modes to accomidate for inexperience riders it has no place on the track

ex; GSXR's are the leading cause of DUCATI owning more titles than any other manufacturer.
ex; GSXR's are the leading cause of DUCATI owning more titles than any other manufacturer
by i_ride_a_duc April 23, 2009
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