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Get Shittied Saturday!
C'mon guys, let's get Shittied Saturday!!!
by BigHead February 04, 2005
A Superior Uber 1337 Haxor guild in the massive multi-player game 'Guild Wars'. By definition, GSS stands for Glint's Secret Service.
Adam: OMG did you see GSS play in observer mode today?
RJ: No, I was late again!
by Chronic Math Debater May 10, 2006
Get Some Skills. Usually said in an aggressive manner towards a n00b or a newbie. Told to inform them of their behaviour or even blatant lack of skills.
<suckyplayer>: hAHA j00 dye 2 many tymes!!
<aggressiveplayer>: gss!
by SON|C November 08, 2005
Gym. Shower. Sleep
when you achieve maximum at the Gym, relax with a hot shower and end it all with Sleep.
Yo you wana GSS today?

Babe we gonna GSS?
by Iacrimony June 19, 2011
It is the act of auto-felacio for a male. In other words "sucking your own dick"!!
"How was your GSS session last night?"
by Sparky38 April 30, 2009
GSS is an acronym for golden shower syndrome; this is a syndrome commonly found in Asian women. It occurs during sexual intercourse when your female partner loses sense of her bladder valve. As a result of this, urine will be discharged through the urethra onto her male partner, thereby owning him.
I just found out George's girlfriend has GSS. Talk about being owned.
by Winston February 24, 2005