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A Superior Uber 1337 Haxor guild in the massive multi-player game 'Guild Wars'. By definition, GSS stands for Glint's Secret Service.
Adam: OMG did you see GSS play in observer mode today?
RJ: No, I was late again!
by Chronic Math Debater May 10, 2006
Get Some Skills. Usually said in an aggressive manner towards a n00b or a newbie. Told to inform them of their behaviour or even blatant lack of skills.
<suckyplayer>: hAHA j00 dye 2 many tymes!!
<aggressiveplayer>: gss!
by SON|C November 08, 2005
Gym. Shower. Sleep
when you achieve maximum at the Gym, relax with a hot shower and end it all with Sleep.
Yo you wana GSS today?

Babe we gonna GSS?
by Iacrimony June 19, 2011
It is the act of auto-felacio for a male. In other words "sucking your own dick"!!
"How was your GSS session last night?"
by Sparky38 April 30, 2009
Get Shittied Saturday!
C'mon guys, let's get Shittied Saturday!!!
by BigHead February 04, 2005
GSS is an acronym for golden shower syndrome; this is a syndrome commonly found in Asian women. It occurs during sexual intercourse when your female partner loses sense of her bladder valve. As a result of this, urine will be discharged through the urethra onto her male partner, thereby owning him.
I just found out George's girlfriend has GSS. Talk about being owned.
by Winston February 24, 2005
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