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10 definitions by Winston

To ram someone hard in their ass... nice to do to girls who are willing!
I am going to bum you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Winston August 26, 2003
To lie or tell a tall tale.
"When he said he was pulled over going 150 mph through town in a Mazaradi with two naked lesbian twins, I knew he was Fyfeing me."
by Winston November 28, 2004
A drunkin form of communication to show pride or enjoyment.
Bob: who drank the rest of my gin.
Steve: DABA!!
by Winston October 23, 2003
clt's are the best form of tits around not 2 big not 2 small but perfect
wow toni has the cutest little titty's i have ever seen. i want to suck them soooooo much
by winston September 20, 2004
Lacking physical or inticing qualities.
Yeah I know Nickle no neck, she's one toreback stank biatch!!
by Winston October 23, 2003
A Jehovah's Witness person.
shes a joe-wit.
by winston May 27, 2003
GSS is an acronym for golden shower syndrome; this is a syndrome commonly found in Asian women. It occurs during sexual intercourse when your female partner loses sense of her bladder valve. As a result of this, urine will be discharged through the urethra onto her male partner, thereby owning him.
I just found out George's girlfriend has GSS. Talk about being owned.
by Winston February 24, 2005