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"Grey Screen of death"

When you have ATI release garbage drivers for there new 5xxx series graphics cards. They released a hotfix driver but still fails to fix it.

It happens with:

- Web Browsing
- Videos (YouTube)
- Starting Up
- Activating Screensaver
- Playing Non-Demanding Video Games
I'm going play call of duty 4.

Aw man I just GSOD'd, fuck the ATI driver team.
by Cronik123 February 12, 2010
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Similar to the BSOD in a Windows environment, GSOD effects most major computer OS's when in collaboration with the MARCUS protocol.
I was GSOD'd when MARCUSing
by mabang7 January 29, 2010
God Sqaud Or Die
Person 1:You see the God Squad destroy at MLG CBus?
Person 2: Yeah son, GSOD.
by ThizzSnake June 18, 2011
Goon Squad Or Die; you're in or GTFO
Juan: GSOD, nigga
Aneffrey: GS or kill a cat
Osvaldo: naah idk about that

3 days later
Doctor: I'm afraid you have terminal cancer due to lack of participation.
Osvaldo: naaaaaaah
by nottatroll October 12, 2010
Gray Screen of Death. Mac OS X equivalent of the BSOD. A graying over of one's screen accompanied by a message indicating that the computer must be restarted, indicating a kernel panic. Somewhat prettier than the BSOD but every bit as annoying.
Every time I connect my iPhone, my Mac GSODs.
by gormster March 10, 2010

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