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Great Firewall of China, officially known as the Golden Shield. A series of content filters that censor the internet content available in China. Censored content includes democratic principles, dissent of China, and pornography.
I can't believe that Cracked.com got through the GFoC
by gormster August 14, 2008
In high technology; the settings you use when you're too lazy to do something properly.
"I couldn't be bothered figuring out the compression ratio, so I just used the preset."
by gormster October 15, 2007
Gray Screen of Death. Mac OS X equivalent of the BSOD. A graying over of one's screen accompanied by a message indicating that the computer must be restarted, indicating a kernel panic. Somewhat prettier than the BSOD but every bit as annoying.
Every time I connect my iPhone, my Mac GSODs.
by gormster March 10, 2010
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