Used when someone laughs histerically at an moment.
Guy 1: So there is this guy, and his mum is a lesbian
Guy 1: GSL
by azz13 August 09, 2007
An acronym for 'Global Starcraft League'. A blizzard recognized Starcraft Series Tournament League.
The new balance change patch will not dramatically effect GSL play.
by IIIHorseman December 12, 2010
GSL - gym, sunburn, laundry. GTL fail.
I tried to get on my GTL today, but I failed and totally GSL.
by Lisa BeDisa April 18, 2011
acronym for: 'Gold Star Lesbian' - in which a woman has never slept with a man, however has slept with other females.
sometimes i forget my girlfriend has slept with a man.. im a gsl
by GSL☆♥ May 01, 2011
Ghetto Sign Language (GSL): a distant, distant, cousing of American Sign Language comprised of seemingly random, yet decidedly spastic gesticulation with the hands and fingers during rap performances, robberies, self aggrandizing monologuing, or everyday conversation.
"No Timmy, he's not having a seizure, he's using GSL."
by Chris January 14, 2006
GSL=gorgor's sai lo
Gorgor's sai lo=siuman=piggy#2
by wileen November 10, 2003
Gold Standard Laboratories.
Once upon a time, The Faint were on GSL.
by seujl November 25, 2007

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