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Used at an inappropriate situation with a girl when in an awkward moment to jump start the conversation.
*On the phone*
Guy: So yeh...
Girl: yep...
Guy: Can i.. erm... flick your clit
Girl: WHAT?
Guy: ohh... nothing
by azz13 August 09, 2007
Used to describe a person who poses to be a muzza and shuffler (hardcore heavy cunt).
Guy 1: Ay bro, listen to this hardcore techno
Guy 2: Dont u like rock?
Guy 1: WTF no! ive always been into techno, i can even shuffle
Guy 2: Fucking scapz these days
by azz13 August 09, 2007
Used directly at a person when they laugh instantly after they say a joke. As if to fill an awkward silence.
Guy 1: How about that blue man group?
Guy 1: LOL
Guy 2: GRL
by azz13 August 09, 2007
Used when someone laughs histerically at an moment.
Guy 1: So there is this guy, and his mum is a lesbian
Guy 1: GSL
by azz13 August 09, 2007
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