The visual personifacation of hip-hop. despite what most of the ill-informed probably middle-aged suburban white people think, graffiti is only limited to stickers (postals), tags (done with pilots, flowpen, krink, homemade markers, etc.), throw ups (aslo called throwies, and done in paint. they are usually just stylized bubble letters of the writters name with 3d or drop shadow), pieces (short for masterpieces, and also known as burners, these range from relativly simple, to intricate and complex designs, a style known as wildstyle. these pieces take hours to do and are considered the highest level of graffiti), and finaly charachters (cartoonish representations of the writters alter ego). Graffiti should not be confused with vandalism, which is instead crude marking or destruction, the aim of which is to cause damage to property, regardless of aethetic appeal. graffiti is just the opposite. IF GRAFFITI WASNT ART, THEN WHY WOULD WRITTERS SPEND HOURS AND HOURS SKETCHING AND PRACTICING IN SKETCHBOOKS? also, there are things that are considered off limits and non ethical, and are not to be touched. some of these things include
residential property (unless its the house of a writter that you know personally and have beef with)
churches or places of worship
cars (unless obviously abandoned)
These are only the basics and different writters may restrict themselves from other things.
Graffiti is 90% of the time NOT GANG RELATED. gangs, however, are not to be confused with crews. crews are a group of writters. thats it. theres no drugs or crime (othere than graffiti) involved with the crew. crews usually have initiations like tagging a police car, or getting up in an open space etc. crew names are usually three letter abbreviations like DFM, or PCK etc.
Again, the motivation for graffiti IS NEVER VANDALISM. if that is the motive, then it simply isnt graffiti. motivation varies from writter to writter, but is usually
respect as a writter
to see his own work
This is achieved by getting up. getting up is the act of getting your work up around the city. if you get up enough, your considered to be "all city", but this hardly happens. also, your art and style speaks for your reputation. for example, if your handstyle is wack, or your throwies drip (unintentionaly), or you go over better writters for no reason (no beef with them) then you may be considered toy. toy stands for Trouble On Your System, and is the lowest form of graffiti writter.
Graffiti doesnt have messages, unless its some kind of side quote next to a piece. messages of anarchy and rebellion are considered vandalism.
Stay up y'all.
(names are fictional urbandictionary editors!)
alex: hey joey, i drew a penis on this tools mailbox it waas sweet!
joey: cool alex! i wrote anarchy on my neighbors audi!

writter: stupid toys.
by Suke-one June 19, 2007
an art form, generally associated with the hip hop community
has become a largely caucasian practiced artform but still has close roots to hip hop
unfortunately since it became so popular among all aspects from rich to poor has become a competition and has lost its free feeling of doing whatever you want and expressing yourself through paint and markers, now kids are upsessed with calling each other toys and has become away for suburban white kids to feel like bad ass graffiti gangsters just because they can draw better then some other kid, although the free feeling of graffiti is still alive theres always the threat of a rival graffiti crew beating you up for painting under a bridge over there piece, this mainstreaming of graffiti is both helping writers become more widely accepted and not have to worry about the law or societys views so much but has also come with its consequences such as these "graffiti gangsters", stop calling kids toys and talking shit, your just destroying the culture and freedom that graff is all about, everybody started somewhere, and all you "non-toys" all sucked ass at graff at one point to, let em learn
kids practicing his graff on a wall
graff gangsters:hey kid your a fuckin toy stop painting
*kids kick his ass*
kid goes home discouraged, never writes again, graffiti dies a little bit more

by thedudeman9999 July 13, 2009
The act of getting your name up... the majority of the writers do it in a writing sense, not promoting a gang. Alan Keyes disgraced the term, and perhaps doesn't realize that writers have been bombing the system since the 60's, unlike most any gang.
Graffiti is a way of life, not a throwup that some toy did to call out a gang, that shit is just scribbles for dumbasses.

DAMN! I can't wave to my friend because I am afraid I am gonna get shot, damn those gangs and their hand symbols... and fuck alan keyes.
by SiNEjde December 25, 2004
Art on a wall. IT is awesome
" Dude lets go graffiti the back of auto zone."
by jojojojojo June 27, 2006
Graffiti is for graffiti artists. No one else. Graffiti is a crime, and thats part of the beauty. Its a punch to the state. People say its misunderstood. It is what it is. Government, the pigs, the public all hate it and give it a bad name blah blah blah... Well good. Us graffiti artists could care less if you like it or you hate it, actually its probably better if you hate it and it pisses you off. Whats the point of it all? Getting known through out the graffiti community, being recognized for doing the dangerous and daring and making art mean while. Its art and anarchy combined.

Drone(Walking to work) : ohhh my god! that writing is ugly and its destructive!

Graffiti Artist(incognito): yeeaaahh thats right bitch...
by January 10, 2009
A broad term used to describe the many forms of urban art. Commonly associated with:

1. tag
2. piece
3. throwie/throwup,
4. handy/handstyle,
5. bomb/bombing
6. stencil
7. toy
8. writer
9. all city king
1. the writing of someones name on any sueface in an aggresive/street style
2. a well thought out and excecuted mural. Usually with the permission of the owners/buisness. Takes time and shows skill, effort, and/or appreciation for the graff style in which it is presented.
3. a quick style of graffiti usually represented in the form of bubble letters.
4. the ever-changing signature of a graffit artist.
5. to intentionally paint the streets with ones "art". (i say this because many individuals attempt to bomb before they have created a respectable style, and instead, litter the streets with unwanted/needed paint. it then becomes the job of more established artists to return civility to the graff community by covering up their hideous mess)
6. cut-n-spray teqnique used to cover a vast number of wallspace in the least time possible
7. lowest form of a graffiti artist. not an artist, but rather someone who writes their name simply because they can. they are given no respect by the graff community and therfore, have to work twice as hard to gain respect.
8. someone who devotes much time and energy in formulating a style that many look up to/copy for future reference.
9. Cope2
by iisketchii June 20, 2007
"Art without restrictions"

Graffiti is a form of art, just like calligraphy is a form of writing. Very often misinterpreted by large media outlets as being vandalism and destruction of property. It is pretty much the exact opposite.

Graffiti can be made in many different ways and different styles. Tagging is a very basic form of graffiti, where one writes his or her chosen nickname or pseudonym on a wall or similar surface.

Throw ups is a bit more complex but not really that harder than tagging. Throw ups are basically larger tags that incorporate bubble letters, drop shadow, and other things (including white outlines.)

Pieces are incredible works of graffiti, this can include characters, mixed color schemes, and can vary in size, too (one can be two stories high if you are looking in the right place.)

Graffiti also has a cousin called street art, but that's its own form of art.
Graffiti is an artform, don't let anyone tell you the opposite.
by Treasonous October 23, 2011
altering the appearance of any property but your own. Typically done with paint, permanent marker, stickers (slaps), stencils, sculptures or the blood of a goat.

Leaving your mark on anything in any way is considered graffiti, according to the law.
If you take a can of spray paint and write your name on the windshield of an ambulance, or across the crotch of the Big Boys drive in sign that is considered graffiti.

Many graffiti artist work years perfecting their craft and will get permission from business owners and city officials to paint "pieces" on walls or billboards, others still prefer the adrenaline rush of bombing city streets illegally.
by one9hundred September 16, 2013

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