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People who are members of law enforcement. Most commonly known as the "protectors of society", they drive around giving people tickets for going 5 miles above the speed limit. They work for the government and no one else. They don't care about regular people.

They are also infamous for not giving two fucks about civil rights and tricking individuals into thinking they have no rights in a police confrontation (ex. telling a minor they have no rights because they're young, while they actually do.)

The "pig" stereotype came from their pushy, pissed off, bossy attitude. Also came from infamous cases of police misconduct. They are also called "pigs" for being arrogant and thinking of themselves as a gift to society, while a lot of people think the exact opposite.
The only difference between the Police and gangs are the badge.

Police: "We're here to help."

Rioters: "BULLSHIT!"
#pigs #law #government #authoritarian #5-0
by Treasonous October 23, 2011
Street art is a cousin of graffiti. Using materials like stencils to make a piece. Street art is seen more in cities, in the suburbs it hasn't really developed into a big scene yet.

Street art is made in a variety of ways. We'll go over the three ways of doing it (graffiti has its own definition.)

One way of producing street art is stenciling, a stencil is made by cutting out a printed or hand drawn picture in specific areas as to produce an image after applying spraypaint. Street artists like Banksy use this technique a lot.

The second way of producing street art is called wheatpasting, which is when you use a homemade paste to roll over an image you printed (the paste only dries in thin coats, there are many tutorials on how to make it on YouTube.) Shepard Fairey is a legend of wheatpasting.

The third way of producing street art is called sticker art, also called slap tagging or just simply slapping. Stickers are usually made with USPS Priority Mail stickers or using homemade stickers with homemade adhesive. This is very similar to wheatpasting but it does not use wheatpaste. Stickering is best done in broad daylight since it's quick and easy to do and people don't give a shit about stickering but flip the fuck out when you start spraypainting a wall. A famous sticker artist is Space Invader.
Street art is an artform, not vandalism. Fuck anyone who tells you otherwise.
#graffiti bombing #graffiti run #graffiti writer #counter culture #underground
by Treasonous October 23, 2011
A term that relates to someone fighting in a guerrilla war/insurrection. It basically means somebody fighting or rebelling against their home country (ex. someone in Libya shooting at pro-governmnt forces.) However, to the Bush Administration and anyone who watches Fox News, it means a terrorist or someone fighting against U.S troops or any of their allies.

Does not mean a terrorist, Fox News and Bush may think so, but that isn't true at all.
Bush: I got it! Let's call them insurgents! People won't tell the difference between them and terrorists! Ha ha ha!!!
#guerrilla #rebel #insurrection #rebellion #guerrilla warfare
by Treasonous October 23, 2011
"Art without restrictions"

Graffiti is a form of art, just like calligraphy is a form of writing. Very often misinterpreted by large media outlets as being vandalism and destruction of property. It is pretty much the exact opposite.

Graffiti can be made in many different ways and different styles. Tagging is a very basic form of graffiti, where one writes his or her chosen nickname or pseudonym on a wall or similar surface.

Throw ups is a bit more complex but not really that harder than tagging. Throw ups are basically larger tags that incorporate bubble letters, drop shadow, and other things (including white outlines.)

Pieces are incredible works of graffiti, this can include characters, mixed color schemes, and can vary in size, too (one can be two stories high if you are looking in the right place.)

Graffiti also has a cousin called street art, but that's its own form of art.
Graffiti is an artform, don't let anyone tell you the opposite.
#graffiti bombing #graffiti run #graffiti writer #counter culture #underground
by Treasonous October 23, 2011
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