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Graffiti is for graffiti artists. No one else. Graffiti is a crime, and thats part of the beauty. Its a punch to the state. People say its misunderstood. It is what it is. Government, the pigs, the public all hate it and give it a bad name blah blah blah... Well good. Us graffiti artists could care less if you like it or you hate it, actually its probably better if you hate it and it pisses you off. Whats the point of it all? Getting known through out the graffiti community, being recognized for doing the dangerous and daring and making art mean while. Its art and anarchy combined.

Drone(Walking to work) : ohhh my god! that writing is ugly and its destructive!

Graffiti Artist(incognito): yeeaaahh thats right bitch...
by FraNk.one January 10, 2009

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