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an art form, generally associated with the hip hop community
has become a largely caucasian practiced artform but still has close roots to hip hop
unfortunately since it became so popular among all aspects from rich to poor has become a competition and has lost its free feeling of doing whatever you want and expressing yourself through paint and markers, now kids are upsessed with calling each other toys and has become away for suburban white kids to feel like bad ass graffiti gangsters just because they can draw better then some other kid, although the free feeling of graffiti is still alive theres always the threat of a rival graffiti crew beating you up for painting under a bridge over there piece, this mainstreaming of graffiti is both helping writers become more widely accepted and not have to worry about the law or societys views so much but has also come with its consequences such as these "graffiti gangsters", stop calling kids toys and talking shit, your just destroying the culture and freedom that graff is all about, everybody started somewhere, and all you "non-toys" all sucked ass at graff at one point to, let em learn
kids practicing his graff on a wall
graff gangsters:hey kid your a fuckin toy stop painting
*kids kick his ass*
kid goes home discouraged, never writes again, graffiti dies a little bit more

by thedudeman9999 July 13, 2009

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