Gym Posers. Females who only go to the gym to hook-up with guys. Donning revealing attire, full makeup and perfume, they do 15 minutes of cardio (so as not to sweat too much), freshen up in the locker room, then pose on one machine facing the free-weight room for at least 30 minutes. Usually travel in packs of 2 to 4.
Those gp's have been hogging that machine for nearly an hour now.

Omg I nearly choked when I walked through those gp's perfume cloud.
by RealNaughtyRN July 29, 2012
an acronym for gay penis syndrome. First diagnosed by famed scholar Derek Bowles. When a man is straight, and is attracted to woman, but who's penis is not.

A way of mocking a friend.
Dude, I think you have GPS
by randomnamebecausetheyarealltak December 04, 2010
To give direction has to what needs to happen, or what direction the project needs to take
Question: "Here is the document with the list of things I need to get complete. Not sure how I am going to get it done."

Answer: "No problem let me look it over and I will give you some GPS to help you get it done."
by JDKPF September 07, 2010
The GPs are a really hard-core gangster group created by gangster siblings, Mia and Jacob. This group is very exclusive and as mentioned before... hard-core.

GP is an acronym for 'Gangster People'

(The Gangster people being Mia and Jacob)

They have yet to add other gangsters because only true Goons and Goonets can join this gangster clan.

-originated in Dade City
-Favorite drink is Sweet tea
-For REAL gangsters
"I was walking to the store one day and some GP's rolled up and shot me with a choppa!"

GPs all day niqqa!!
by OhhhgansterMia April 04, 2011
Ghost Phone Syndrome
Is when you keep having the sensation of feeling your cell phone vibrating on your leg (through your pocket), even though nobody has called you. It will happen more often if you're expecting a call.
Not your significant other (because your always distracted, thinking something good might happen) says: 'Have you got GPS or something?'
You:"Umm, nah, I just really love to know what the time is, don't you?"
by Ned Lear August 27, 2007
Girl pants worn by guys...mainly the scene and emo.
Look at that guy's gp's!!
by LifeeInEveryWord January 25, 2006
Great Piece of Shit
This $300.00 GPS device got me fucking lost!
by Ladiesman854156 December 02, 2008

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