Great Personal Style, as Brandon Flowers (lead singer of the indie/alternative rock band "The Killers") quoted in an interview that someone had come up to him and said he had great GPS. Brandon asked what GPS was and the man replied "Great Personal Style"
Wow, I love what you're wearing - you have great GPS!
by fourminuteswiser August 06, 2011
Girl's prepatory School in Chattanooga TN, is a institution for young prudes to attend for a greater education. They are below the typical standards of beauty throughout the world. For normal girls they have a cycle once a month where they menstrate through the vaginal tube. However these girls have this cycle year round which allows them to have a higher bitchyness level. By the way their menstration attracts bears. They are also referred to as GPMS girls. This stands for girls- PMS. Stay away.
My friend tadd was walking through the woods with a girl that was from GPS and he got mauled by a bear.
by chattanooga males January 24, 2008
Acronym for go pound sand.
Boy: hey baby come chill at my place
Girl: gps
by baconmonster January 14, 2013
Ghetto Phone Service.
Hey do you have G.P.S.?

No man I dropped that service awhile ago.
by Triplejumpjon November 09, 2011
Girlfriend Positioning System. When your dude feels the need to let you know where he is at every moment of every day.
What am I? Your GPS?
by positioning_system April 16, 2011
Get Pussy Squad
"With the GPS tonight nigga"
by dubfuck June 09, 2014
"Good Point, Sport." -- acronym GPS-- is an often nonchalant and naive term given in response to someone who has outlined a well-though out scenario or eulogy to an argument between two peoples. This term can also be used instead of the typical, "Touché". Girls by the name of Janet will frequently use "GPS" as a form of undermining a person who has proven a point.
Typical chick named Janet: "Chicks should wear yoga pants all the time!"

"Nope. Chicks at least shouldn't wear yoga pants when they're not doing yoga and/or when it's cold. It's not fair. Makes us dudes look like perverts."

"Oh lolz, kk GPS."

"Janet. Really??"
by josalv May 02, 2013

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