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With Grapefruit Prostatic Hypertrophy, stop worrying about that weak stream and start worrying about who you will burden with funeral expenses, 'cause you got late-stage cancer motherfucker!
doctor: You have 3 months to live.
patient: But...but.....why? (sobbing)....How? I thought we caught my BPH early enough...
doctor: You have GPH. Cancer wins again!
by s.ciflyer25 October 22, 2014
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GPH or Greater Peace and Harmony is an organisation based in Grantham Park, Portadown with the sole aim of serving the community, litter picking and striving for equality for all races.
man that park was cleaned up reallll good, last week there was bottles of buckfast all over it....must of been them nice guys from the GPH
by MC Wink March 10, 2009

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