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A laughable attempt at a cumshot. Instead of a projectile motion, the seed dribbles down the shaft and nestles in the testicles. Usually accompanied by overzealous grunting and an unsatisfied sexual partner.
Dude: "AAAHHHHHHH! I'm about to blow! I...can...FEEL IT!"
Chick: "Ooh, I want it all over my face."
Dude: "Alright, on your knees, here it comes. Close your eyes, I don't want to accidentally shoot into your eye."
Chick: "Mhmm, yeah."
Dude: "GAAAAH!!"
Chick: "...mhm. to me."
*Chick opens eyes.*
Chick: "Weak stream."
Dude: "Don't leave. Please, I can do this. This has never happened before. I swear..."
Chick: "I'm not licking your nut off your balls. Get the hell out."
*Dude leaves his own apartment.*
by Comikal February 08, 2009
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