"greek passive": in the homosexual world, known as the guy who takes it up the ass (as opposed to greek active--the guy who does the fucking)
in his personal ad john stated he was "GP", because he was a bottom.
by whansen November 11, 2007
1. Someone that has ginger pubes.
2. Golden Pieces = ginger pubes.
3. Good Pussy.
1. Chris Evans.
2. Paul Scholes.
3. Reese Witherspoon
by VillaTom1987 May 09, 2006
An abbreviation that really cool people use to mean "good plan" or sometimes "good point".
"Oh hey, let's drive to the beach"

"You shouldn't go after that guy because he's a jackass"
by meehoo7112007 March 16, 2006
Short for Good Pussy
"Ooooh!Weeeeee! I jus got some GP last night!"
by sHadzOneNonli June 23, 2005
Abbreviation for General Population. Used by teens who are in IB to label the ghetto kids that attend the "regular" program. Also a prison term, which is where most those kids will end up anyway.
Dude, that big black girl screaming at me is GP.
by IB>GP May 31, 2005
Shorthand for Grandpa.
My gp had to go to the hospital.
by Scott Wu May 22, 2005
Game plan. Used by Seth on the OC.
Seth: So, what's the GP, RA?"
Ryan: I have no idea what you just said.
Seth:"Game plan, Ryan Atwood
by Captain Chaos December 29, 2004
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