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Sitting On My Ass All Day Watching Soccer
John: Hey, what did you do all day?
Mike: somaadws
John: Ooo, true dat niccuh, did you see Ronaldo score today?!?
Mike: Of course, niccuh, dat's my BOI!
Mike: I love somaadws!
by StevieGGGGG June 22, 2010
Gotta Poop
Steve: Yaooo, wat up mah nigga?
Granath: nm...chillin
Steve: true dat
Steve: How's da softball league? Did Orlando single handedly win the whole thing?
Granath: me and orlandos team are in the world series
Granath: not yet i wont let that happened
Steve: LOL
Granath: gp
Steve: rofl...aite hit me up lata.
by StevieGGGGG August 03, 2010
Down with buttfucking
Terrell: Yo, you know Lex is dwb?
Tyrone: Da white girl?
Terrell: Yea nigga!
Tyrone: Nigga dat ass is soo tight how da fuck you gonna tell me shes dwb?
Terrell: Idk nigga, wanna find out?
Tyrone: Hellz yea nigga! We gonna run a train on dat bitch...gimma her numba...
by StevieGGGGG July 22, 2010
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