"greek passive": in the homosexual world, known as the guy who takes it up the ass (as opposed to greek active--the guy who does the fucking)
in his personal ad john stated he was "GP", because he was a bottom.
by whansen November 11, 2007
The gangsta abbreviation for "Good Plan".
Person 1: lets go to a party on saturday night
Person 2: gp
by beach babe 123456 July 27, 2007
Referring simply to the phrase "Good Point"; popularized via Instant Messenger but now a colloquialisim.
"You are hell of wasted!"

by Maige April 20, 2006
Abreviation of gold peices or ginger pubes. One should wear eye protection while viewing a "gp".
Shield your eyes its gp !
by Tubsy27 March 23, 2006
Group Poop. Shitting while in the presence of others who are also shitting. Usually performed in gas stations with multiple stalls.
Hey Meg, wanna take a GP?
by Legends May 12, 2005
General Purpose
Why did she do that,for GP
by Justin The Pimp November 29, 2002
Georgia Pacific: A large evil fucking company that likes to ass fuck its straight employees with Massive PlyWood Dillys! Also, use in reference to a lying maggot, punk, whore, necrophiliac, that dresses up in a White hard hat and rapes your mind with useless talk of production, that in all actuality is just setting you up for your annual fisting!
"That mother fucker at the Talladega mill is a G P !

" Man, your walking funny dude! Ahhhh... you must work at that mutha fuckin G P !
by Mr. Good Guy November 06, 2008

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