(Get On My Level) a demand/request for an individual to get on one's level.
Dude, that is weak! You need to Goml.
by Schmeeo April 02, 2009
Means "Get Off My Lawn", but can also mean "Get on my level."

Get Off My Lawn was coined in 2008 by Clint Eastwood, regardless of what you think or have read. His character "Walt" uses it to warn a bunch of Hmong kids to gtfo his lawn. It is said that the actors all soile themselves in each take of this scene.

Get on My Level is used primarily as a form of trash talk, more commonly in online gaming. The user tells the recipent that he is basically not worth his/her time, and is lower than semen dispersed from a used anus, so he/she must "get on his/her level."
GOML before you get sent to the deto.

These kids dunno who their messin' with, they need to GOML.
by NarooN October 02, 2009
the acronym for "get on my level"
"dude i just high fived that bee!"
"no way man, two weeks ago i kissed a bee. GOML"
by SCOG KING October 22, 2011
Get on my Level
Get off my Lawn
Get out (of) my Life
"Dude, just try to GOML"
"Hey you, kids, GOML!"
"I hate you! GOML!"
by airking990 June 28, 2013
Acronym for Get On My Level used for people that are not quite on your level
Cameron: dude she's got big hands
Brady, Ryan, Danny: what does that mean
Cameron: dude you guys need to GOML
by Hidden talent October 07, 2011
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