1. Telling somebody they are not up to par with you.

2. While comparing 2 individual things, stating that one needs to get as good as the other.

1. You are better than Steve at something, hence you say: "GOML HOE!!!!"

2. You are comparing the Cubs to the White Sox, hence you say: "The White Sox need to GOML on the Cubs"
by KaZii April 03, 2009
1) Get On My Level
trying to tell somebody they are not upto par with you

2) Get Out My Life
Telling somebody you hate them

3) Get Off My Lawn
Telling somebody to stop tresspassing on your garden
Are you stupid? GOML

I hate you GOML

Oi GOML you sneaky pests.
by your attention please July 19, 2010
'Get out my life'
'you're such a dick! GOML'
by GOMLbitch April 14, 2010
acronym for "Get On My Level" as in you suck and you should do as good as i am. invented in 2011 by Kyle Levy of Albany, NY. Prononced like 'Gomm-el'.
Kid 1: Man i can't make a shot today
Kid 2: I haven't missed yet bro, GOML.
by the turn on team July 28, 2011
Get Out My Life
Just goml
by ttttttttttttttttttttt December 31, 2010
get off my lawn
u kidz r so wack. goml.
by ChantersNod July 26, 2009
an acronym short for 'get on my level'. It is a popular form of trash talking which is usually said when playing video games and other competitive activitites. This saying was said to be invented by eldamoza21. The phrase can also be used as a social greeting and/or salutation.

CP3TV - 'OMFG how the hell do you keep beating me all the time? Why are steven gerrard and fernando Torres so awesome?'

eldamoza21 - 'Dude just get on my level....'



eldamoza21 - 'wow guys i just got onto bungie favourites and they gave me recon and cortanas going out with me...seriously get on my level'

stitch - 'goml'

eldamoza21 - 'hey man wats been gomlin?'
by eldamoza21 June 08, 2009

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