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used to agree to something.

evolved from a basketball game. the free wasnt called, 2 points was called, didnt happen. it then followed a HEAVY package chop in the direction of the PE teacher.
eg no 1.
Browny: *whistle*
Pat: (looks up extremly fucked off and raises index and middle finger)"2 points?!"
Browny: *shakes head*
Pat: *raises both hands and motions down and chops down HARD on groin aiming in Browny's direction*

eg no 2.
Brett : i fucked some girl off vodaphone live HOOOII

Pat : really? 2 POINTS!
by Pmac March 29, 2006
To...talk shit about another, make them sound less than wat they are

to "stab" another in the back or to run they mouth behind backs.
Wayno :Gday matt, i herd simon just talked shit about you to Jason ayye??
Matt : he "dodged me in the back" (dodge in the back)
by Pmac March 11, 2006
giggling my ass off

no quite laughing, can only be describe as a giggle
BIG PAPA says:
he rekonz next night off he gets he will
Pat says:
i dont belive it, but ill ove him for it
BIG PAPA says:
BIG PAPA says:
20 ppl
Pat says:
decent number
Pat says:
better than 2
BIG PAPA says:
Pat says:
can we have the lights on?
Pat says:
by Pmac June 25, 2006
FF : finds funny

FFF : finds fucking funny

alternative to lol which is just boring now
BIG PAPA says:
u shooda seen a goal
BIG PAPA says:
Pat says:
BIG PAPA says:
BIG PAPA says:
BIG PAPA says:
fuck the goal
BIG PAPA says:
it was only world class
Pat says:
by Pmac March 29, 2006
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