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Rims on a vehicle which are twenty two inches in diameter.
Sheeeeeit, that nug got that bich up on dub deuces!
by Chadwick April 01, 2003
A very well built, American version of a Honda. These vehicles are actually made by Honda, and contain the same parts, but are only sold in America so ignorant Americans will buy them too. These cars are much better than any produced by GM Also see, Rice, Honda
That Acura Integra is badass.
by Chadwick April 02, 2003
Ebonics for shit.
Sheeeeeeeit, thems's tiiiight!
by Chadwick April 01, 2003
baby powder, gold bond, or anything us guys spray on our nuts to keep them from sticking to our legs.
i was at golds gym and i saw a huge dusty pile of grundle dust!!!!
by chadwick March 17, 2005
v. - To drive really really fast.
n. - a black cop/actor
1.) I totally veljohnson'ed down the highway because I was late for the house show. My car skidded off the road.

2.) "Urkel be my buddy yo."
by Chadwick December 16, 2004
Used to describe either currency or marijuana both due to their color.
Yo, you needs mo green if you wants a pisa dis green dirty.
by chadwick July 08, 2003
#cold #lonely #opposite of bolo #bored #ignored
by CHADWICK November 29, 2012
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