1 - Someone who does what they have to do.
2 - A person who abandons their family during designated "family time".
3 - A person with a base value of 6 points.
Katarina is such a GIM for going to a party instead of spending time with her family for the New Year
by elipatm February 03, 2010
When you are totally fuckin blazed and you want another joint, so you try to say "give me" but all that comes out is "GIM".
Cam: duuuuude, hahahahahah, gim.
by Elizardo Ramirez June 22, 2006
The combination of the words Give, To, and Me. A shorthand way of asking for something.
Oh man, I'm thirsty. I want a soda. Gim!
by Jacob Brown April 15, 2005
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