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Gaia Instant Messaging
Instant Messaging or so called chat window in sites game zOMG!
Example: You are logged into GIM!
by IvuciiC July 23, 2010
4 23
Gun In Mouth
When FML just isn't good enough to explain how screwed you are.
The wife caught me banging a tranny, GIM
by bigbaddaveman November 08, 2011
151 64
Grinding In My Seat. A woman or gay man who, while seated, become so aroused by the image of an attractive man that they begin rubbing their lower behind against their seat involuntarily, complimenting the visual stimulus with a physical one.
Omg, did you see him? I'm totes GIMS.
by lolachola666 July 20, 2011
11 0
Acronym for "GaGa Is My Saviour". Is any further explanation necessary?
"Lady GaGa totally has a dick."
"Wow dude shut up. GIMS".
by gims. August 03, 2010
10 6

'Gims' is 'smig' backwards, which sounds like 'smug' as in happy or smug or pleased with oneself.
you look so gims in that photo!

you're looking very gims ;)
by niallator4732 April 21, 2011
0 1
An abbreviation for "get in me", expressed when a man is extremely attractive.
1. *whilst watching the singer of Friendly Fires dance* "Oh man, GIM!"

2. "Look at that guy over there at the bar, GIM!"
by ffgim March 12, 2012
1 3
Game Induced Motion Sickness - a feeling of nausea or motion sickness brought out by poor framerates or choppy animation when playing a video game.
Playing oldschool Ecco the Dolphin gave me GIMS and now I feel like I'm gonna zuke.
by sdfsdfdsf June 26, 2008
2 6
A random word suzie likes to say
I cant be arsed going out
by Gav October 15, 2003
6 24