Girl I'm Fucking - Another easy to understand explanation
Stacy is the my GIF at the moment, but Amber is on the radar too!
by Insidivs May 16, 2010
greedy inconsiderate fuck
god kyle is such a fucking gif!
by man82 July 01, 2011
Fat or puffy under the chin; heavy lower face area.
Swollen lymph nodes.
Rex Ryan is a great football coach & a charasmatic sports figure. However, I must say he has gif.
by cubpup January 23, 2011
Get it fucked
guy 1 : yo man who's that girl you were with?

guy 2 : oh she's just from my physics class

guy 1 : GIF man!!
by kingddot October 08, 2011
Girl I'd Fuck
Dude1: Whoa, check out that chick across the bar!
Dude2: She's a GIF.
Dude1: Fo sho
by doubleexel February 25, 2013
Generic Internet Funny

The following are examples of abbreviations used to denote laughter

gif can be used to substitute any of these.
"This supercharged induction kit will add 30bhp" "No it won't, gif"

"Look Bill, Dave has fallen down the well, gif"
by Graham Conway January 16, 2008
An Acronym.
Google It F#cktard.
For when people ask you innane, blindingly obvious, PC related questions that could be easily resolved by a simple google search.
"Where can i find a few links to websites about Email Ettiquite?"
by PooBaa August 17, 2009

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