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1(n) of 3D computer games, a fragment esp. a gobbet of flesh resulting from total obliteration of a target usually by means of an explosion; giblet.
2(v trans.) to cause massive damage to a target, to the point of obliteration.

abbreviation from giblet.
"Spootonium gibbed amigdala"
by Spootonium October 10, 2004
a hit off of a gravity bong or the gravity bong itself; short hand term used in substitution of a G.B. (abbreviation for gravity bong)

Typically a jib is made of a small trash can filled with water and a gallon jug (preferably a Kool-Aid or Gatorade one) with the bottom cut off. The cap for the jug should be molded around a metal piece in which weed can be placed.
"Hey Lacey, I'll give you a gib if you take me to work today."


"Last night I was taking a gib and I accidentally spilled the gib water all over your chemistry homework!"
by Gibber Jabber Shown December 11, 2009
v. To stick your old man up a goose's arse and slam its head in a drawer.
Hi ho, hi ho, I'm off to gib a goose
by ProxyMines November 04, 2010

Good In Bed
One who excels in the action of ruckus love making. (Eg. women who are paid to do so, horny italian women.)

The very deffinition is derived from one intoxicated night whilst in the company of one whome was attractive. After setting ones mind on the partner they then ensure that the other is also into the situation by engaging in "flirting". When one feels the time has come they wouldst then commence in following their basic instincts of jumping into their skivvies and sexing-it-up. But unlike any other intoxicated (or other-wise) hook up, this one particular incident with the G.I.B. would be most enjoyable, and would be remembered forever by the partner chosen on that fatefull night.



1590–1600; earlier pooby, appar. b. poop to befool (now obs.) and baby; ( def. 2 ) perh. by association with Sp bobo < L balbus stuttering

—Related forms

boo·by·ish, adjective
I hooked up with this guy last night, and let me tell you, he was so G.I.B.!
This girl last night.. man so G.I.B!
by Tayla, Vicki, and Jordan <3 August 17, 2010
Google It Bitch!
For when someone asks a question which it would take both less time and effort for them to look it up themselves as opposed to you formulating a response.
N00b: "Hey, how do I build a jet plane?"

Plain weirdo: "Can someone give me some good porn sites for something random?"
by Kramo August 27, 2009
A meaty chunk of flesh in a first-person shooter.
I shot him with my rocket launcher and a shower of gibs rained down.
by Geoff January 19, 2003
To gib/to go gibbing/to get gibbed
The act of hand sex. To avoid actually saying terms like "fingering" or "wanked off", use the word gib.
"Did you hear what happened at that party?"
"Yeah, Kelly gibbed two lads that night, slut"

"How's it going with you and Jeff?"
"Mostly gibbing, no P in the V action"
by Gingggeeey March 20, 2013
Thousand pounds (Pronounced Jib South London)
Geezer 1."Ow much you knocking yer mow ah for?"

Geezer 2 "2 gib"

Geezer 1 "Gib an' a half an' I'll take it"
by Uncle Reg June 21, 2007
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