while in a silly mood one might say the word "ghi" in place of "gay".
omg this map is sooooooo GHI!!!
by Steve_the_rad March 25, 2005
Girl Hotness Index. Used to measure the general hotness of girls at parties.
Boy: Bruh, bruh, bruh da GHI @ dat parteh iz lyk a solid 8!
Other Boy: How are you spelling so badly, you're speaking!
by David McDavidson January 20, 2014
Phrase, short for (gotta have it);used
as a modifier.

GHI can also stand for gotta have it culture,gotta have it mode,or any other word ending.
We live in a GHI obsessed society where impulse buying is the norm,especially with the advent of Internet commerce.
by Boggler March 17, 2004
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