A girl who enjoys being filmed whilst having rough sex with many men up every orafice surrounded by images of wild boars. It is possible to tell whether a girl is a 'Gerty' due to her large 'assets', small amount of clothing and badly dyed hair. Commonly mistaken for an Essex Girl.
Guy 1: 'I had a very weird night with that girl i picked up'
Guy 2: 'Did she want to be filmed having sex with many men in a room full of pictures of wild boar?'
Guy 1: 'Yeh! Do you know her?'
Guy 2: 'Maybe, she sounds like a Gerty though'
by Fraisin January 05, 2010
Top Definition
A talking computer in the 2009 movie "Moon". Voiced by Kevin Spacey.
Sam: You need to get laid.
I'm going to go back to work.

by Jimmy Man December 17, 2010
1 gerty equals 5.9742 × 1024 kilograms
he must weigh a GERTY!
by tyyrel March 23, 2006
1. An older boyfriend with beard(s)
your boyfriend is a total gerty
by huttison December 27, 2010
An abbreviation for a dirty old smelly grandma who wears a merkin.
person 1: wanna come to the movies tonight?
person 2: oh man i cant, i've gotta go visit my gerty!
person 1: dude, that's gross.
by ilylays May 14, 2008
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