to end a friendship
We used to be friends, but she totally gepped me.
by Boots September 24, 2003
Top Definition
Newcastle, England. Slang for glasses / sunglasses. As seen in Viz comic ("Sid the Sexist"), early 1990s, and in real life.
Scene in solarium; Sid puts sunglasses on ... "Mind, I cannat see 'owt with these geps on".
by Andrew Regan December 03, 2004
Abbrievation of Gay Elvis Pr0n. Gay Elvis Pron fetishes were believed to have originated in the North East of England but have since spread across the world at epidemic rates.
That azzz has a whole HD full of GEP.
by Sabathius Fane February 23, 2004
Gay elvis porn
loved by azzz and withcheese
Samsamsamsam man i love that g.e.p.
by Spider_dude February 24, 2004
An abreiviation Gangsta Emo Prep.
Tyler is such a GEP; he takes a knife to his wrist and participates in gang fights... while wearing polos.
by Lizz and Susie (and Tyler) July 26, 2006
grotesque ebony paddlers
I love to watch GEPs doing their thing
by Ballz February 27, 2004

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