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the act of not doing shit from work while at home
The boss asked me to take go over the TPS reports this weekend, and I told him to fuck off cause I was gonna be homing
by woots182 December 16, 2010
The act of a group of homies roaming(:
#1-Look at those niggahs!
#2-What do ya think they're doin?
#1-Maybe they're lost...
#3-Nah man! They just homin.
#1 and #2-Homin?!
#3-Yeaaa. They just a buncha homers wandering round...homing.
#1 and #2-OoOoOoOh!
by homie(: March 17, 2009
making the trek home from college and then hanging out there.
Sarah is homing this weekend instead of staying to watch the football game.
by mrwooten November 02, 2007

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