An abbreviation of either of the following two:
Gay Community
Google Community
"That site you gave me, googlecommunity.com or something, man that site was such a GC! The users are all so gay! The admin is worst!
by Intelliot sucks cock February 26, 2005
Short for Good Charlotte a dance-pop-punk band from DC
Man#1: Hey have you heard Good Charlotte's new single?
Man#2: The River? Yeah, It has M.Shadows and Synyster Gates from Avenged Sevenfold
Man#3: Yeah GC are ace
Man#1+#2: Hell Yeah
by Jordan Moly March 02, 2007
1. good charlotte a awsome band who rock hard! ^_^

2.game cube (nintendo)
1. this GC album rocks!

2.my sister broke my GC
by £uçky April 22, 2005
abbreviation for "good charlotte" the most highest regarded poser band in america.
the suckiest most recent game console..
the gamecube..

in other words..
GC is two letters put togetther to create anything extremely horrible that decieves people and brainwashes them :o OMG!
1: D00D!! GC is the gothest band in da world111
2: wow! gamecube is so awesome! I'm gonna play pokemon all day! :o
by zrcalo of ems June 08, 2005

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