An acronym for GameCube, grilled cheese, and going commando.
Metroid Prime came out for the GC.
by Somenobody October 11, 2006
Abbreviation for "General College". Typically the lowest of a university divisions, it can be applied on a broader sense to refer to anything that is lame, stupid, slow, ugly, or pretty much any other derogatory term.
"That chick is so GC."
"I GCed your mom last night."
"This game is so GC."
"That test was so GC your mom could have passed it."
"What a moron, he's probably GC."
by SyzYgY033 November 01, 2005
1. good charlotte, a crappy band that was marketed to young impressionable teenage girls which ultimately led to the end of artistic music.

2. gamecube, nintendo's compact game system which is comparable to sony's playstation 2 and better than microsoft's xbox.

3. gift certificate

4. gangsta crips
Should I buy a GC for my girl or should I spend my hard earned money seeing that piece of crap band GC? I think I'll just sit around with my GCs and play some GC instead.
by Jackola February 16, 2005
Grade Conscious = Very curios about grade in the point of annoyance
*people who thinks that the earth revolves around his and other's grades (scores)
1.My classmate is very GC(grade conscious) that everyone thinks him a nerd.
2. My friend is always GC about his grade in Algebra.
by big_bro226 July 17, 2006
Queenslander slang for:
Gold Coast, Queensland Australia Gold Coast
A: You heading down to gc for the weekend?
B: Fuck yeah!
by Paulius August 06, 2005
General Chat on www.neopets.com. A great hangout for Internet addicted teenagers a few years ago. Those who hung out there were GCers, and you could seperate them to regs, old regs, and n00bs.
"You remember the good old days in the GC?"
"How many of the GCers do you still keep in touch with?"
"I miss the GC and the regs there. We had so much fun together."
by i_like_music June 21, 2005
Gift Certificate - Means to purchase a gift for someone in the manner of a card or a coupon etc which can be redeemed later for goods.
I bought my buddy a Amazon.com GC for his birthday so he could buy what he wanted!
by b0nd October 14, 2004

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