gbt is an acronym for Gravity Bong Toke. it is the preferred method of ingestion among many potheads. typically, the user will position a bowl on the mouthpiece of an empty 2-liter bottle of pepsi with the bottom cut off. whilst burning the tweeds in the bowl the user slowly lifts the 2-liter from a container of water which creates a pressure and simulates the sucking of the bowl. the empty 2-liter quickly becomes quite full with milky smoke. the user then takes one long exhale, lifts the bowl from the mouth of the 2-liter and proceeds to incapicitate his or herself for the next 3 hours by enhaling the toxic smoke.
wanna take some gbt's?
by hari krishna November 30, 2004
Top Definition
GBT's is simply the short form for Great Big Tits or Great Big Titties.
Boy that Pam Anderson sure has GBTs.
by Anthony F August 10, 2006
An abbreviation of Going Back To Sleep. It can be used when someone is too lazy to write the complete phrase, usually when someone wakes up due to a message and wants to go back to sleep.
N: I heard school is off because of the snow.
N: Same here.
by Sad Med Student August 15, 2010
Go/Get Back to School. An acronym used when someone presents a false statement or ridiculous concept. Can also be used as a response if someone uses an unsatisfactory insult.
Aaron: The first man on the moon was Obama.
Tom: GBTS!

Joe: Justin Bieber has a cool fashion sense.
Brad: GBTS!
by TheTylerDurden January 28, 2012
Acronym, meaning: Go Back To
GBT the soviet union you communist prick
by Koenig April 26, 2008
GBT refers to the size of a bitchy girls boob. Hence they are so small they could be golf balls. The word can also describe the following:
GBT otherwise known as Golf Ball Tits refer to a young and wide spread group of slutty woman who cannot yet even think of having children. Yet they dress like they are hookers and do not act much better. They are adolescent wanna-bee sexkittens with no boobs. They usually steal the crown from the more eligible Queen Bee. People look at them as vessels of beauty when really they are prostitots. It usually effects 6th-8th graders yet some sad examples can be found among 9th graders.
I feel so outed the GBTs are so much prettier than me!

Psh are you kidding, your double Ds can burn theirs any day.

AH! Them GBT are so tacky with their Abercrombie and Bitch clothes!

Oh damn! Look at that GBT's boobs, nothing there! Tragic and look at all those guys swarming around them? Are they blind?
by CheezyPumpkinPie April 13, 2009
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