" Good looking bitch syndrome" A disorder in which an attractive woman thinks she can get away with obnoxious behavior because she knows she is hot.
my girl insulted the bouncer at the club last night. If she was not hot, she would have been 86'd. I had to smooth everything over with the club. She was going to be let in regardless because she is hot. If I did not get in, she would have hooked up with someone else. that is GBS.
by jaydoggg January 19, 2013
The subforum of the Something Awful Forums where threads with subjects that aren't related to the themes of the other subforums are posted.
GBS is funny at times, but is mostly habitated by whiny losers that complain about how they were told to "Go back to GBS" in FYAD
by Dr. Yang December 09, 2003
Gay Butt Sex
"So what did you all do over the weekend?"

"Nothing much, we went to John's house and had GBS."
by George January 29, 2004
When two men fist each other so hard they die momentarily and then come back to life with permanent disfiguration to their bowels. This is Gay Bowel Syndrome (GBS).
Josh: Dude, where's John and Robert?
David: I dunno, but I heard John got GBS.
*everyone creases*
by Dandercool August 02, 2011
An internet enclave on the Something Awful forums for the morbidly obese, and opinionated morbidly obese people. Also a place to post sob stories about your dead babies/parents/imaginary friends that nobody gives two fucks about.
Sartre: Hell is gbs
gbs: <emoticon abuse> <100 paragraphs of argument>
by GU-la-G November 17, 2006
gay butt sex or gay baht secks
That GBS with Dalton last night made my butt hurt!
by The Judge 94 October 26, 2009
acronym for gay butt sex
Dude those girls didn't even drink last night, it was lame. Yeah it was gbs to the max!
by theocking May 21, 2008
People ask on Omegle and other chat websites.
It means gay/bi/straight?
Like "asl", but it is about sexual orientation.
by Oklahomarabbit February 28, 2014

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