go bed silly
person 1: i'm so fucking tired
person 2: gbs!
by ekenfkwrnfiqwf shaba October 31, 2010
game boy system (cover-up when someone asks you what GBS means, it really means gay butt sex{see entry 6})
Guy: Cole and Dalton had GBS with Bell and Layne last night.

Girl: What does GBS mean?

Guy: Oh, it means game boy system.

Girl: Ok, just wondering.
by The Judge94(2) March 11, 2010
Get Better Soon
u poor thing!! GBS!!
by Pulendiran May 26, 2009
Gay Butt Sex
I think Karl is gay, I heard he had GBS with Jake.
by Bry Man11 May 15, 2009
greedy bitch syndrome

when a woman decides she can gorge out and put on weight because their in a stable relationship. the upside of this is that when the woman is fat and the man will complain then she can make the man look like a cunt due to not "accepting them for who they are".

however this may show her boyfriend its apparent his girlfriend is now fat and a manipulative bitch
Person 1 - Man why has chucks girl gained so much weight recently ?

person 2 - she claims its comfort eating but we all know its GBS

person 1 - damn that means he cant even say anything about her getting fat either or she'll make him look like the bad guy

Person 2 - that's the beauty of GBS
by Haydnator September 05, 2010
" Good looking bitch syndrome" A disorder in which an attractive woman thinks she can get away with obnoxious behavior because she knows she is hot.
my girl insulted the bouncer at the club last night. If she was not hot, she would have been 86'd. I had to smooth everything over with the club. She was going to be let in regardless because she is hot. If I did not get in, she would have hooked up with someone else. that is GBS.
by jaydoggg January 19, 2013
good looking bitch syndrom: when a girl is attractive and they use it as an excuse to cause trouble or act a fool.
my girl got us 86'd from kelly's pub last night because she suffers from gbs.
by silld May 09, 2010

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