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A four-piece punk rock band. Not to be confused with ghb.
Yesterday i bought a GBH album.
by Andrew M. August 27, 2003
40 29
grevious bodily harm
He was lucky he wasn't done for murder, but he had a sharp brief who even got him off the gbh charge.
by Bill Cranny December 16, 2003
142 35
1. An English streetpunk band. Charged punk rockers.
2. The highest degree of vandalism in England.
1. I went to a G.B.H concert, it was great!
2. After burning down 3 schools, he was covicted of G.B.H.
by FAILURE March 24, 2004
88 32
English punk rock band
I love GBH
by Anonymous October 17, 2003
73 32
Get butt hurt: someone that is Upset/butthurt.
Dude Logan, Gbh.
by jack McHoff May 20, 2013
8 6
god bless his/her sole, may the something or someone rest in peace for fighting the good fight
GBHS went to a place to do what he could to make it right
by brian boe September 24, 2013
2 1
GBH is a primarily, but not exclusively, African American gang. It was founded in Marlow, Buckinghamshire in 2005.

What was once a loosely connected network of individual sets, which often engaged in open warfare with one another, such as the PGT,the Bourne End Wrecking Crew and the Marlow Bottom Boys is now a a single alliance

GBH is one of the largest and most violent associations of street gangs in the UK.
GBH is well bad
by sam.p800 August 04, 2010
6 5