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A group of amazingly skilled dancers. The term "GBH" stands for "Ghetto Ballet Hobos." Each member receives a rapper nickname close to their own.
The members must be obsessed with glitter.
Saying "GBH" can also be used as a word meaning "extremely awesome" or "amazing."
Membership is exclusive and only offered to the best people in the world (a.k.a. the MBS dancers).
-She is amazing! She is sooooo GBH!
-We are having a GBH meeting today!
by GBH members December 28, 2010
8 11
Girl Back Home
I want to go to the party with someone who won't pose any temptations because there's a GBH situation going on.
by Konokolaka March 01, 2010
5 8
Gamma hydroxybutric acid (from grievious bodily harm, used to describe it's possible effects)
He was caught with a shitload of GBH.
by Light Joker June 21, 2007
13 19
Grevious Bodily Harmison- The name given to Steve Harmison, Englands premier fast bowler for his ability to beat the hell out of opposing batsmen
GBH nails another Aussie with a rib tickler
by umpirestrikesback June 17, 2005
17 23
another street name for ghb, the drug. Short for grievous bodily harm, so a pun on the drug's potential effects.
dan took some gbh yesterday and had to be resuscitated.
by fret December 28, 2005
15 22
GBH means "Great Bodily Harm".
Larry's leather jacket has several punk slogans on it, including the phrase GBH.
by Starpunk September 19, 2007
4 17
an acronym for a 'guy back home' or 'girl back home'
All the girls knew that Tom had a GBH but it didn't stop them.
by monicamarie83 December 12, 2006
6 19