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Gay Best Friend Forever

You know there is always a straight woman, and a gay man who are really good friends.

eg. Will and Grace... Will is her GBFF
#best friend #gay #homosexual #friends #homo
by trouble33 August 07, 2008
Gay Best Friend Forever... typically used by a straight person when referring to someone with whom they have a close simpatico. They click on several levels and have a lot of fun together, sharing of advice, etc. But there is no romantic interest. Can be used across and within genders.
After all the advice Ty's given one of his straight co-workers... Tom now refers to Ty as his G.B.F.F.

Diana says Michael is her G.B.F.F. at work, because they totally have the same taste in food and guys.
#gay #lesbian #straight #friends #acronyms
by ty bachus August 10, 2007
Girl Best Friend Forever
Heather is my GBFF while Kasey is my BBFF (Boy Best Friend Forever)
#gbff #bbff #bff #best friends forever #girl best friend forever
by 'Do June 04, 2007
Noun. A Gbff is your best friend forever on gchat. Usually used in a sarcastic method.
Dude, I was totally picked up by a gstalker. Now, all he does is gchat me all day. He thinks he is like my gbff or something. If he only knew I have a real boyfriend.
#gchat #gstalk #gfriend #gflirt #google talk #instant messaging
by Tiffipedia July 10, 2008
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