Top Definition
Beautiful behind, fugly from front. (applies equally to men and women)
That girl I saw on the street last night was totally BBFF. She had a fine ass, but looked like Sarah Jessica Parker from the front.
by BBFF survivor June 17, 2010
Best Boyfriend Forever
Russell and Ben are BBFFs!!!
by M&T in the A December 08, 2008
A female best friend who you spend so much time with your menstrual cycles synch = bloody best friends forever.
"Can I borrow a tampon?"
"You're on your period too?!?"
"Hell yeah, BBFF!!!"
by HappyGoLucky365 August 17, 2009
Black Best Friend Forever
Every white person should have atleast one BBFF to teach them how to dance and keep a beat
by syek aicila November 25, 2009
boy best friend forever
I talk to him everyday. I swear he's my BBFF!
by gumbita August 13, 2007
buff best friends forever
hey babe, hpe ur cool..stay bliss..bbff x.x.x
by rhianna x.x.x August 13, 2007
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