A word used to express craziness or anger.
Bill: *Stops on Rob's foot*
Rob: GAW, What the hell!?
by Hunter6 August 31, 2005
Top Definition
SWAG backwards. Meaning "Get Another Word Son" For people who over use the word swag.
Person A: I got my swag on full blast!!!
Person B: No....GAWS!
by Flow Free September 05, 2011
Much like the phoenix being reborn from its own ashes, gaws is the rebirth of swag. Gaws has the same meaning as swag but must be used in a more exclusive way than that over used and over generalized word. Often used as a response of approval or as a comment to a statement. Can also be used in the form of reggaws, the former swagger.
"The third floor of our dorm has no gaws, they are still using the word swag in every sentence."

"I hooked up with that model last night"

"He gets every girl he wants! The man has too much reggaws."
by GAWS crew December 07, 2011
To admire and adore someone silently, fantasizing about them while they sit next to you, completely unaware. Then absolutely gush about him/her to your nearest and dearest friends.
Person A: "So I was in Anthony's car the other day, just wishing he would touch me or look at me, anything would have satisfied me at that very moment."
Person B: "So you were totally gawing over him?"
by punchdathoe11 August 01, 2011
Swag is dead. Gaws is the new word to say when you feel the need to say "swag"
On Twitter: Just ate some pancakes #gaws #gawsedup
by superdupergaws November 12, 2011
(swag spelt backwards) Is beyond any form of "SWAG." GAWS is a revalating new way to explain the flashy gear your wearing or the car your driving.
"That dudes GAWS is off the charts!"
"He has so much GAWS its glistening."
"I wish I had GAWS like that."
by BiggestKolby November 09, 2012
Short for " Grown Ass Women "
Betty: Girl you need to stop being a jumpoff
jane: Im a GAW i can do what ever i want
by Nate W January 12, 2008
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