1) A long thin gangly person whose body resembles Dhalism from the street fighter video games.

2) To say something or act in a manner that ultimately blows your chances in a situation with potential.
The girl wanted to take you home but you said something stupid and you gawed it.

George Muresan is a gaw.
by felace August 16, 2009
good ass whooping
They need a little TLC and a GAW!!
by iggy94 January 12, 2009
to have your 'swag' backwards.
to have a negative swagger.
pronouced: "gorz"
Big T: Yo, you a lame man... u got mad gaws.

Lame: :(
by Gaws March 22, 2009
the way white people say 'Swag'
Guy 1: DAMN, look at Becky going in on Roger!

Girl 1: Yeah, that's some serious gaws all up in this shit.
by shithappens2blyfe January 01, 2012
(n) (adj) (adv)

1. Josh

2. Anything that has to do with or reminds one of Josh

Typical sayings include, but are not limited to: goo bread gaw, bagels gaw, guitar gaw, etc.

The Gaw Song is sung to the tune of Earth, Wind & Fire's classic, "September."
gawdy gaw, gawdy gawdy gaw gaw

Gaw Powers include, but are not limited to: super flexibility, incredibly long tongue, etc.
Wow, that song is so gaw.

Ohhh gaw, what are we going to do with you.

And you were just standing there like a gaw, all gawlike.
by zipper77 August 25, 2008
you have no swag; to not have swag; opposite of swag.
"I have swag!!"
"No, you have gaws."
by Yardleyc October 04, 2011
1. G.A.W.S- Got All White Sawg. Term used when a white person looks good, in one word, or to rock a certain outfit or style.(not gangster)

2. To mean cool; chill.
1. That outfit is gaws.

2. "Dude, I just got a new car!"
by RoyIsLikeAwesomeSauce October 27, 2011

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