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to disagree; no
North Side Pittsburgh crips slang
"Sean I'll whoop yo ass in Spades"

"GATZ you will!"
by SpadePlaya December 05, 2013
a substitution for "god" for people who don't want to use God's name in vain, or who are bored with the word "gosh" but are still trying to make a point.
"Oh my gatz."
by treeho August 22, 2008
Noun: An entity that still leaves room to be defined; Very peculiar; Normally has something to do with public pools in the North West New Jersey region; Wishes to be brown; Works hand-in-hand with {Gunder} (Gundergatz).
"oh boy! I ate WAY too many beans tonight, i'm gonna go drop a gatz!!"

"it's raining gatz and dogs out there"

"They shot me! Those guys, with the Gatz'!"
by K Rock November 13, 2007
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