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Acronym for:
Get After Their Asses
Get After That Ass
Dude A: I gotta date tonight with that hot blonde from Athens.
Dude B: GATA, Amen!!

Originally coined by the Legendary Erk Russell, former Defensive Coordinator for the University of Georgia Bulldogs back in the early eighties. Promoted defensive aggressiveness in pursuing the ball carrier. Dawgspeed, Coach Russell!
by SeveredHead June 01, 2003
317 113
spanish term for girl or a hot babe also girlfriend (MI GATA)
"Pegala mi 'gata' gangster sin miedo la que conmigo es afugo..." Daddy Yankee- Gata Gangster (Los Homerunes)
by BX Cangri May 01, 2005
165 79
Refering to an individual or the act of doing something that is gay. Something found annoying, vexing, or just gay.
"Dude, stop acting like a Gatum. Jeez, this guy."
by hocus1337 November 01, 2006
14 6
A gay like creature that tries to fit in, or conform to one group. Usually swears at the site of people who he can't become friends with. An outcast to society, this strange creature will roam the Earth during its mating season for another male partner.
"Ha, look at Gatum."
by hocus1337 November 01, 2006
14 6
Derived from Alligator. 'Gata' is slang for Gator
The alligator stays hidden in the water until some unsuspecting prey comes to the waterhole to drink, then it attacks. The waterhole is a place where most animals exist together peacefully, the cheetahs drink from the waterhole next to the antelope. It represents a social setting of sorts, where all the animals coincide. The Gator on the other hand, creeps steathly in the waterhole and preys on other animals when they aren't ready. The gator, or "Gata" victimizes other animals to get what it needs.

"Gata" is used to desribe a sneaky, scandalous person.
A "Gata" would go after a vulnerable person or someone who is easy to take advantage of and usually strikes quietly, without warning, when you least expect it.
Someone who shows no love for anyone else.
A 'Gata' is usually willing to fuck over his friends and family for his own benefit.
"Dont do business with him, that nigga's a Gata, man."
"I'll take that fool's shit, I'm a fuckin Gata."
"We're hommies, don't act like a Gata toward me!"
"Let's do this mofucka Gata style, hit 'em up when he ain't expecting it"
"I'm a gata, I dont give a fuck about anybody else, but me"
"Me and my hommies are all Gatas, fuck what ya heard, we don't play!"
by JGSR March 20, 2006
26 138