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German standard issue assault rifle. Caliber 5.56, manufactured by Heckler&Koch.

Sir, i lost something.
- Better not be ur G36

We killed a German!
- Grab his rifle, always wanted a G36
by Penismann May 18, 2004
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The G36 is a german assault rifle made by Heckler and Koch AKA H&K. The Assault rifle is capable of firing NATO rounds in semi auto, burst, or fully auto modes. As of a few years ago it has replaced the MP5, G3, and G33 as German Standard issue. Most G36 Models also feature a 1.5x ocular sight (scope) built into the carry handle.

The G36 Comes in several variants:

-G36: Standard version
-G36C (Compact): Small SMG version capable of heavy external modification
-G36K (Karbine): Shorter version of the G36
-G36E (Elongated): Longest Version of G36
-MG36: Light Support Weapon featuring a bipod but based off of the G36 or G36E model.

The G36 also has several magazine lengths:
100 round "Beta C Magazine"
30 round Stick magazine (available in black or clear versions)
10 round sniper magazine

Ive fired the G36 both real and airsoft and both are extremely effective and responsive to the pull of the trigger.
The G36 is the standard issue weapon for the german military and the G36C is seen in the movie "The Four Brothers" when the bad guys are tearing up the brothers's home.
by HKGunner January 16, 2006
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A modern assult riffle using the 5.56mm round. it is made by Heckler&Koch. The guns bullpup design and ease to use make it one of the formost guns to date. forms of the gun include the g36c (commando version) mg36 (light support version) and G36k (the scoped assult version). the gun is capable of full auto , burts and single fire modes
by Enigma, June 19, 2005
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